A New Era in Shopping!!

Why is CamWeara a must needed plugin ?

CamWeara is an Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence based real time virtual tryon application which helps shoppers to wear products on their mobile phone/laptop in 2 seconds. CamWeara helps shoppers to take decision quickly & precisely, thereby increasing sales/conversions of online & offline stores by 30-40% & reduce product returns.

2 Days to 2 Seconds.

CamWeara is a virtual tryon plugin which can be integrated to any shopping website including magento, shopify & woocommerce. So that their customers need not wait for 2 days, they can wear products sitting at home in 2 seconds.

Jewellery, Spectacles & More

Now people can wear Jewellery & Spectacles using CamWeara anywhere, anytime in 2 seconds. This gives immersive experience to shoppers and helps them take a quick decision.

How does CamWeara revolutionise Ecommerce?

CamWeara is revolutionising online shopping.

Double sales, half returns & triple visitors.

It makes shopping interactive and provides immersive experience to shoppers, so that they can take right decision, right product with right size.

Integration Process is made easy.

We will be able to set everything up in no time. No programming skills needed and our support team is always here to help.

Go live in few hours.


Inspired By Passion. Driven By Results.

premium features

Inspired By Passion. Driven By Results.

Real time Virtual Tryon

CamWeara doesn't need photo upload or manual adjustment. It is fully automatic. It supports all kind of Website, Mobile App, Desktop App & Kiosk/Offline Store app.

Selfie with Product

Customers can take selfie with jewellery, spectacle etc.

Compatible for all

Our plugin is compatible and very easy to integrate to any ecommerce platforms including Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, etc.

Increase sales

Increases conversions and sales upto 30%. This makes online shopping fun and attract new customers.

Reduce Returns

Trying before buying helps customers to decide right product with right size.

Detailed Analytics

We provide detailed analytics of usage of TryOn. We analyse data then implement new features, enhancements and make it reach every visitor on your site.

Enabling Anyone from Anywhere on the Planet to Try your products at Any Time !!

We are working with some of the top brands and CamWeara is making amazing number of conversions for them.


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Inspired By Passion. Driven By Results.



Inspired By Passion. Driven By Results.

we are innovation driven

Our breakthrough innovation helps e-commerce stores to increase conversions and decrease returns drastically.

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CamWeara - Creating new Era in shopping!!

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Inspired By Passion. Driven By Results.

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