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6 Tricks To Get More Sales From Virtual Tryon

The retail industry is under great pressure to innovate. Virtual try-on technology is gaining importance in retail this year and is going to become a hygiene factor for any e-store in the next 2-3 years.

Camweara is an augmented reality, virtual try-on application that is taking e-commerce world by storm and empowering e-stores to increase conversions by contactless trials.

Seeing such astonishing results from Camweara on clients all over the world, here’s why we brief ideas to get excellent Value for Money from AR based Virtual tryons.

1. Integrate to Instagram story and highlights

virtual try on jewelry

Eyewear brand from USA used Camweara to create visually engaging experience on Instagram. Visitors can go to the highlight and swipe to Try all of their glasses in one click. This doesn’t require any extra effort or creating 3D models only for Instagram. 

When Tryon is integrated to an e-store, anyone can generate a tryon URL/link which can be used for Instagram/Facebook/Email marketing.

2. Create Tryon campaigns/contests.

virtual try on jewelry

Our customer Vijayshree Sovani has seen 10X increase in the engagements just by creating a selfie with jewelry contest last week. It is one of the smartest ways to create awareness about the Tryon option on an e-store. 

Another interesting trick to get users attention is to include tryon screenshot on Instagram or Facebook product photos like below.

3. Add Tryon option on listing page.

virtual try on jewelry

Well known brands & our customers Candere By Kalyan Jewellers & Damas Jewellery increased their engagements & conversions by 30-40% by integrating Tryon button directly on the listing page. These brands have taken ease of access to Tryon to the next level. 

4. Add to homepage.

virtual try on jewelry

Some of our customers who added Tryon to homepage have been seeing significant increase in the usage and conversions.. 

This not only makes it easy to Try most liked designs without searching through the catalog but also makes shopping experience memorable.

5. Include video to level up awareness.

virtual try on jewelry

Psylish, a unique jewelry brand from Hong Kong has leveled up Camweara/Virtual tryon awareness by making a beautiful video with their one of a kind jewelry. 

It is embedded on a dedicated page on their awesome website.

6. Load related products.

virtual try on jewelry

Gehna India, a personalized Handmade jewelry brand successfully elevated virtual tryon usage and shopping experience by connecting their AI based recommendation plugin to our virtual tryon. 

Users can try all the related products in single click.

Don’t Hesitate to Call In the Experts!

These are just a few of the concrete steps you can take to help elevate your sales, but they are by no means the only ones! That’s why it’s always a good idea to call in the virtual tryon experts! 

Camweara team has years of experience helping online stores to get highest impact from virtual tryon while providing realistic virtual tryon to jewelry, eyewear, watches & makeup industries and continuously innovating with the brands, customers & partners.

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virtual try on jewelry

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